Top 7 Passenger Suv Vehicles Available On The Market For Your Family

Virtually every modern passenger vehicles offer you something more than just space as they are also being designed to offer luxury and sophistication in terms of designs. That means they are as practical as much as they are sleek and sophisticated. Families and large groups can now comfortably sir 7 or 8 with a third row, and without sacrificing the interior and exterior style, performance or having access to the most advanced features available in a modern SUV.

Though, discovering and comparing the best 7 or 8 passenger SUV vehicles in the market today is always a difficult task, consumers won’t have to be too anxious about making a decision as there are great options to choose from the latest 2015 models. For many families, having a 3 row vehicle is always a basic necessity. This is even more crucial when you consider those who need additional space to haul around cargo. This can be a pretty difficult task to handle, especially in terms of sorting through all the latest features and designs available, while maintaining your taste for value. To help you sort things out pretty quickly and not compromising on style, quality, and comfort, here are the top 5 SUVs of 2015.

The 2015 Acura MDX

2015-Acura-MDX-rear-viewThe 2015 Acura MDX is about the best selling 3 row luxury crossover SUV ever made. In 2014, the MDX went through a redesign, but maintains its design in 2015; nonetheless, it still maintains its appeal. According to Consumer Reports, the MDX gets a rating of 88 out of 100 points after series of tests such as safety, owner satisfaction, reliability and handling were carried out. One of the few 7 Passenger Suvs out there with this rating.

Buyers have the option of choosing front wheel drive or all wheel drive, with a 290 horsepower V6 engine that gets 18 to 20 mpg in the city and 27 to 28 mpg on the highway.

Not many cars have the ability to compete with the MDX in terms of its roomy interiors, while its rear seats can be folded down to carry big loads. The manufacturer also includes sound dampening technology into the 2015 MDX, which makes it one of the quietest vehicles available in the market today.

The 2015 Nissan Rogue

2015_Nissan_Rogue_S_4dr_SUV_25L_4cyl_CVT_3953160In 2014, the Nissan underwent a facelift with updated contemporary styling. The 2015 version is now a bit taller and now offers a slightly wider wheelbase that provides a little more interior space. The best part of the update is that the Nissan Rogue now has a new optional third row seat that can hold two passengers, for a total passenger count of 7.

Perhaps, more fascinating is the fuel economy, which offers the best in its class with 26 city and 33 mpg highway. Also added is a new all-independent suspension system that improves handling, while Nissan’s Active Ride Control allows for smoother ride on rugged roads.

The 2015 Nissan Rogue ranks high for safety, with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety calling it a Top Safety Pick; while the US News ranks it as 4th out of 23 vehicles in the Affordable Compact SUV category.

The 2015 Kia Sorento

2015-kia-sorento_100460908_mIn recent years, Kia has put in enough effort towards improving its mid-size SUV Sorento. That has yielded positive result as buyers tend to agree that the 2015 model is now one of the best 3 row seat suvs you can find on the market. One of the biggest news is the interior cabin, which got a huge facelift and now stands shoulder to shoulder with many of Kia’s models. With 85 out of 100 points for reliability given by Consumer Reports, the Kia Sorento is one of the highest ranked SUVs of 2015. The vehicle also ranks high in terms of owner satisfaction and performance.

Base models come with a fuel efficient 4 cylinder engine that gets 20 city and 27 highway miles per gallon, but a V6 model with 290 horsepower is available. While the MPG drops only slightly with the larger engine, to 18 and 25 miles per gallon, in order for the tradeoff for improved performance to be worth it.

The 2015 Honda Odyssey

2015-Honda-Odyssey-FIThe US News ranks the 2015 Honda Odyssey as first in the minivan class; and this is highly justified too considering the fact that its V6 engine gives plenty of pickup. Lots of reviews have also consistently given it high score for safety, reliability and owner satisfaction. It is simply one of the best 7 passenger SUVs out available on the market today. No argument.

The 248 horsepower 3.5 litre V6 engine gives it enough power to handle hills even with a full load. While the fuel efficiency is a bit better than average for this class, with 19 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway. Some other attractive and impressive features of the Honda Odyssey include; Bluetooth, a rear view camera, traction control, and lots of interior storage.

The 2015 BMW X5

2015-Bmw-X5-Sdrive35IIs you are looking for luxury, class, and power? Then the BMW’s third generation of luxury midsize SUV, the X5, offers more luxury and less sporty than past models. The BMW X5 series are one of the most reliable and rugged midsize SUVs in the market today.

The 2015 BMW X5 is a statement in class, especially for buyers looking to combine luxury with utility. The optional third row seat, LED headlights, keyless entry, and wood trim, are some of the major attractions for any buyer.