A Review Of Top SUVs With 3 Row Seating

Nissan QuestFortunately for a lot of people out there, there are top class SUVs with 3rd row seating in the market. However, consumers have always complained that these set of vehicles have the handling and curb weight that many can do without. The good news is that manufacturers of SUVs have taken note of all this and have made efforts to improve on designs. Here is a compilation of some of the top SUVs with 3 row seating you can buy in the auto market today.

Trimming down the list hasn’t been an easy task as we have had to painstakingly check for some details to ensure the results are just as reliable as you want them to be. The outcome of the research and test also make it possible to make a choice from the very long list of SUVs with 3rd row seating.

Our findings show that you can eat your cake and have it, and that a roomy car doesn’t have to be as massive as an aeroplane or a land yacht.

The Ford Flex

Nice-Ford-Flex-Of-01-2011-Ford-Flex-TitaniumOur first call is the Ford Flex, which has a base price of just $29.100. The Ford Flex is pretty long, and is a perfect grocery-getter that comes with a wheelbase of 117.9 inches and a relatively squat stature. More than anything else, the Flex bears similarity to a Stretch, thereby lending credence to Consumer Reports’ claim that its interior is not only vast, but versatile with enough room for up to 7 passengers in 3 rows.

According to the US News, test drivers all agree that the Ford Flex boasts of a spacious interior, with adults being able to fit comfortably in all 3 rows.

The Honda Odyssey

Honda OdysseyThe Honda Odyssey is a sure bet when looking for one of the top SUVs with 3 row seating in the market. It comes with sharper external angles, solid fuel-efficiency, $28,975 starting price, and infamous Honda reliability. According to Consumer Reports, the Odyssey can comfortably seat 8 with ease, with different configurations of cargo and passenger needs. The report also adds that the vehicle offers easy access, excellent child-seat accommodations, and abundant cabin storage add to the family-friendly quotient.

Despite a full load of passengers, the Honda Odyssey still offers a generous 38.4 cubic feet of space behind the third row. Folding the 60/40-split third-row seat into the floor is simple, thereby creating a 93.1-cubic-foot cargo hold behind the second row.

The Buick Enclave

Buick EnclaveDespite all the criticism trailing the Buick’s styling points, nothing can be taking away from the impressive amount of space it offers to its users. The Buick comes with nicely equipped right out of the gate with tri-zone automatic climate controls, an infotainment system, Bluetooth, a USB port, rear-view camera, and rear parking sensors. For your long summer road trips; the Enclave remains your best bet considering its interior.

According to the US News, the Enclave is built to carry as many as eight people, with most critics claiming that adults can sit comfortably in the vehicle’s spacious third row. With a maximum 115.2 cubic feet of available space when the second and third row seats are folded, the cargo space can be adjudged to be generous.

The Nissan Quest

Nissan QuestWhat the Quest is unable to offer in terms of fuel efficiency, it is able to make up for with its posh department. Well, according to Edmunds, three adults will comfortably fit into the third row, which also reclines. However, if the cargo space is packed with inflatable rafts and beach towels, this luxury might prove to be a mirage.

No doubt about the fact that the Nissan Quest is about the most luxurious minivan on the market, but can only seat 7 as against 8 due to the second row captain’s chairs.

The Honda Pilot

Honda PilotLooking for something that looks and handles like a classic SUV? Your attention should be drawn to the Honda Pilot. The vehicle boasts of some surprising array of hidden pockets for storing stuff; and is a sure bet for several reasons.

The Honda Pilot also boasts of considerable amount of space on the inside, with the third row seats able to accommodate adults, thereby making this large crossover a true eight-passenger vehicle. Though, the Pilot’s boxy shape may not be for everyone, it does serve a very useful purpose by providing and allowing a sharply designed cargo bay for clumsy items. Reports by Consumer Reports say that the Honda Pilot boasts of the best shoulder room of the list; comfortably rivalling some minivans.